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This is a Purse connected to TLT’s Professional Broker Portfolio, holding value for a customer’s total finance. It reflects transactional activities and act as BRIDGE between Broker and investor. LinkT Accounts are subject to market sessions according to the respective investment plan as profits are returned over winning positions. They support trades/ orders and exchange of funds and so are considered huge Assets. LinkT Accounts also offer simple but safe operational interface with Secure Socket Layer Encryption that restricts direct access to USER ONLY. 

The idea behind financial management is “making profit” otherwise there won’t be many trade deals here and there. The voluminous market statistics suggest that there is enough margin for profits, and not without incurring some amount of risk. However, we are able to generate profit  by following the correct trends, patterns and strategy but more so with consistency and proper risk management. 

So many as you wish. We have a bunch of Fund managers (Pro) for different markets. 

Market valuations determine tax. Your investment plan and profit returns determine commissions and both are (directly) debited from your account. No extra fees.

Yes. Starter and Standard LinkT Accounts only take a maximum of 48 hours, with direct charges debited from your (profit) balance and Account is closed. However, Special, Silver or Sterling Accounts require 8-10 days to check, clear and balance, before the Account is completely closed. 

Yes. For application to be a Fund Manager, kindly contact fundmanager@TLT.com. The ONLY criteria to apply is a (90 days) old ACTIVE Standard LinkT account before validation and verification process. 

No. Not necessarily.

 Yes. In such cases, we adopt a different strategy and adjust our R:Rr (Reward:Risk ratio) to trade confidently and safely. 

ECN MT4, Mutual Portfolio. Our Services and Operations are regulated, and with a Financial Market backing, we are bound to last as long as Commodities are exchanged in the market.